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TNG Conferences

Truth for a New Generation conferences are the premiere Christian apologetics conferences in America. For 20 years, Truth for a New Generation has assembled some of the world’s top voices to develop and defend the Christian faith, such as Josh McDowell (Evidence That Demands a Verdict), Lee Strobel (The Case for Christ), J. Warner Wallace (Cold Case Christianity), and many more. Through their instruction, students and adults have been inspired to live passionate for God and serve Him with others.

Why Attend our Conference?

You can read books and watch videos—or you can hear from the experts in person! Some of the benefits of attending Truth for a New Generation conferences include:

  • Watching and interacting with today’s top Christian speakers
  • Learning the evidence to strengthen your faith
  • Receiving tools and techniques to share Christ with others
  • Access to powerful resources, including some books signed by their authors!

What TNG Attendees are saying

“It’s awesome! A lot of good information. Life-changing.”


“It’s a great conference because the information is what we need in order to be effective and relevant with the gospel.”

“I have a 17 year old son I brought with me to sow into his life and to encourage me as well. We have an assignment to be a world changer and it starts right here in our home and in our churches.”

TNG “Save a Nation” Apologetics & Christian Worldview Conferences

Truth For a New Generation, in association with Alex McFarland Evangelistic Ministries, exists to equip Christians with a biblical worldview through Conferences and Camps.
TNG events are held in cities all across America and feature some of the world’s leading apologists, Christian writers, and evangelists. These incredible godly thinkers and experts in their respective fields have been intentionally selected to present their message, to equip you to proclaim and defend the TRUTH.

We look forward to seeing you at a TNG event soon!

Upcoming Schedule


Oct. 2018

Fri. 5:00 through Sat. 6:00pm

Baton Rouge, LA – Greenwell Springs Baptist Church

 More Info



Northwest Arkansas

Stay tuned for dates & location



Richmond, VA

Stay tuned for dates & location


Apr. 2019

Edmond, OK

Stay tuned for dates & location



Wichita, KS

Stay tuned for dates & location

What is Apologetics?

Alex McFarland explains….


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3 YOUNG men right here!....and you're right @MarkMittelberg does @josh_mcdowell age?!?

Note the derision and condescension the socialist media has for Constitutional Americans. They would hate Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, et al. The Framers would have choice opinions about the likes of Lemon & CNN, too:


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